About Me

Hi! My name is Haley Fretes and I am a sophomore at the University of Florida majoring in public relations and minoring in Spanish. Three words I would use to describe myself are: dedicated, enthusiastic, and outgoing. I love to try new things and find ways to challenge myself.

I was born and raised in a small town in California called Mill Valley, located just north of San Francisco. UF is not among the popular choices of schools for students from my area. Ever since I was young I have been coming to visit my family in Sarasota, so I have long held a familiarity with the state and often considered coming to college here. When it came time to choose a school, I knew I wanted a large university with lots of school spirit and located in a warm climate. UF seemed to fit the description perfectly. I wanted more than anything to challenge myself to branch out and start college fresh in a new environment – one where I could meet new people, explore my interests, and learn more about myself away from what I was familiar with. My experience at UF so far has been life-enhancing and positive. I have never once regretted my choice of becoming a Gator, and being 2,780 miles away from my hometown has never felt more like home.