Humid Hair, Needs Care

The first thing that I had to learn to control in the weather was my hair. One’s hairstyle is a quintessential element to any look. Any Florida girl, no matter what type of hair, understands the upmost struggle of trying to maintain a particular hair style amidst the humidity. Neglecting to use products can end in the tragedy of a frizzy birds-nest or a sad sweaty ponytail done up on the top of your noggin. 

Let me start by telling you about my own hair. Where I’m from in California, the air is a lot drier. I didn’t have to put too much effort into using styling products because the environment didn’t encourage it to do anything crazy. Being Filipino, my hair is naturally pretty straight and on the oily side. I never expected it to react so strongly to the humid air. Nonetheless, without any taming, I’ve discovered it likes to frizz out of control and shape itself in ways that I didn’t know were even attainable on my head.

 If your hair has any sort of texture and you are trying to keep it straightened, curled, or most of all frizz-free, the tiniest bit of moisture in the air will provoke your strands to revert to its natural state and undo any styling work you’ve done. Annoying, am I right?

Let me tell you how you can prevent the misfortune of humidity hair.

Believe it or not, your anti-humidity treatment starts in the shower. Make sure you are using shampoo and conditioner that moisturizers your strands and keeps your hair soft and silky. By washing your hair with moisturizing formulas, you will be giving your hair the hydration that it needs to prevent it from having to soak up the excess humidity found in the air. Although there are countless varieties of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, among my favorites are Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco and Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk.

Left to right: Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner ($7.99 each at CVS), Coconut Oil (from $6.00 at Publix). Photo by Haley Fretes

While your hair is still damp, it is a good idea to run a small amount of Organix Penetrating Argan Oil of Morocco or even just store bought coconut oil through your strands. The oil can help prevent fly-aways and adds to the moisture in your hair to repel the humidity. Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk is another great product to help tame frizz and keep your hair smooth and silky. 

Once you’ve styled to your hair to your liking using a straightener or curler, use an anti-humidity hairspray to secure your style. L’Oréal Paris LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray is not only humidity resistant, but also lightweight so you won’t feel like you have just sprayed on a helmet.

By using the right techniques and combination of products, you will be able to maintain your hairstyles even on the most humid of days!


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