Welcome to SunKissed and Made Up!

I have always loved the warm rays of the sunshine. Whether it was hiking on the trails of the Marin Headlands in California or laying out on the beach on Lido Key, I’ve always been a sun-loving, warm weather girl. That’s exactly one of the reasons why I decided to come to Florida for college.

When I first arrived on campus, I was overwhelmed with not only the Gator Nation and college community, but also the fierce Florida humidity. I quickly had to learn to adapt and change my daily beauty routines in order to maintain my styles and looks.

I am by no means a professional beautician. Most of what I will be sharing with you all will be what I’ve learned from personal experiences or from other beauty bloggers and youtubers I’ve been following over the years. I couldn’t quite tell you where I developed my fascination for beauty and fashion, but I have always had an eye for visual aesthetics and details. I have a tremendous passion for discovering new trends and trying out different looks.

This blog will explore many different aspects of beauty and how best handle and take care of  your skin, hair and makeup in the midst of warm weather situations. So whether you live in a warm environment or are planning on traveling to a balmy climate, this blog is here to help you along the way!


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